Reducing the Anthropocene

I was fascinated by The Collapse of Western Civilization by Naomie Oreskes and Erik M. Conway.  They included detail of such grandeur in a way that made me have to backtrack and figure out if the events they were describing were current or whether they were part of the future they had created and were writing from. Continue reading “Reducing the Anthropocene”

Art and Artist as Guide in the Anthropocene

Transdisciplinary artist Aaron Czerny launched the series of public events linked to the University of San Francisco’s Fall 2016 Davies Forum, “Making Sense of the Anthropocene,” with a captivating participatory performance art piece Continue reading “Art and Artist as Guide in the Anthropocene”

The Future We Will Someday Meet

To look at the present from the future is to look at the past from the present — always reflective of the way things are, whenever we may be. We leave to the future a future in which our “present” is regarded, in retrospect, and the question that needs to be pondered is what the future “present” looks like, and how it may shape future understanding of the past. Continue reading “The Future We Will Someday Meet”