Art and Artist as Guide in the Anthropocene

Transdisciplinary artist Aaron Czerny launched the series of public events linked to the University of San Francisco’s Fall 2016 Davies Forum, “Making Sense of the Anthropocene,” with a captivating participatory performance art piece Continue reading “Art and Artist as Guide in the Anthropocene”

So I guess we’re (sort of) officially in the Anthropocene?

When our “Making Sense of the AnthropoceneDavies Forum Seminar at USF met for the first time on Aug 29 it happened to be the exact same day that we officially–or at least “sort of” officially–entered the Anthropocene. Continue reading “So I guess we’re (sort of) officially in the Anthropocene?”

Introducing “Making Sense of the Anthropocene”

Welcome to the Making Sense of the Anthropocene forum

“Making Sense of the Anthropocene” is a semester-long forum of lectures, presentations and workshops featuring artists, activists and academics engaging with the challenge of “making sense of the anthropocene.” In case you’re not familiar, the Anthropocene is a term that describes a proposed new geological epoch defined by observable planetary changes triggered by human activity. Continue reading “Introducing “Making Sense of the Anthropocene””