Last Week Tonight in the Anthropocene

Last week, we had some lovely visitors from NYC, Stephanie, Glenn and Clark, who have developed a community hub focused on “building autonomy in the Anthropocene” called Woodbine ( Their presentation enlightened us on their thought process behind Woodbine, the journey of actually creating the community, outlined what a “hub” is, and actually gave inspirational advice on ways to build autonomy in our own lives or even to bring the community together through the creation of our own hubs. Continue reading “Last Week Tonight in the Anthropocene”

Art and Artist as Guide in the Anthropocene

Transdisciplinary artist Aaron Czerny launched the series of public events linked to the University of San Francisco’s Fall 2016 Davies Forum, “Making Sense of the Anthropocene,” with a captivating participatory performance art piece Continue reading “Art and Artist as Guide in the Anthropocene”