From Concept to Action: Art in the Anthropocene

by Cameron Hughes

Since people first used blood and ash to paint depictions of their lives on the walls of caves, art (as a form of self expression) has held a place of particular importance in the constellation of capacities that make up our humanity. Art, as an open ended endeavor, allows for both the mirroring of our actuality as well as the conceptualization of infinite alternate realities – one of the few efforts left available to us that encourages (though not always) us to transfigure ideations from the metaphysical to the physical plane. Continue reading “From Concept to Action: Art in the Anthropocene”

Breathing is Life / Hidden from Reality

Coming back to the breath keeps us grounded and present at any certain point and time. With so much on the mind, so much to do, so much to be accomplished, it is easy to forget that breathing in itself is an act that can be experienced. How ironic is it then, that the one commonality amongst each living thing on this planet, human or nonhuman, is air. The often forgotten breath is a wonderful representation of the disconnect seen and experienced everywhere. Let us all come back to our breath.

Continue reading “Breathing is Life / Hidden from Reality”

Introducing “Making Sense of the Anthropocene”

Welcome to the Making Sense of the Anthropocene forum

“Making Sense of the Anthropocene” is a semester-long forum of lectures, presentations and workshops featuring artists, activists and academics engaging with the challenge of “making sense of the anthropocene.” In case you’re not familiar, the Anthropocene is a term that describes a proposed new geological epoch defined by observable planetary changes triggered by human activity. Continue reading “Introducing “Making Sense of the Anthropocene””