From the Dust of This World–The Dystopian Imaginary and the Anthropocene

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From the Dust of This World:
The Dystopian Imaginary and the Anthropocene

October 31, Monday, 11:45am-12:45pm
Lone Mountain 345, University of San Francisco

Kristin Miller is a Sociology Ph.D. student at UC Santa Cruz, with a background in journalism and digital media, and an MA in Media, Culture, and Communication from NYU. She studies cities, environmentalism, and technology, and has developed research interests in science-fiction literature and film, and the aesthetics of the Anthropocene. She is currently working on a multi-media project on the role of Silicon Valley in reshaping the Bay Area. Kristin is the winner of the 2014 Rachel Tanur Memorial Prize for Visual Sociology, and is a contributor to and Web Editor for the Critical Sustainabilities project at UCSC. Her work has been published in Boom: A Journal of California, Slate, and Gizmodo, among others.